Launch Your Shop in a Weekend is a simplified online program for Creatives just like you! Designed to show you the exact steps and give you plug-and-play templates to launch and build your own profitable Etsy shop in less than a weekend!

Launching an Etsy

the exact blueprint to



Shop in a 

the big ask

Here's a Million Dollar Question to Ask Yourself...

Every single day, with a credit card in hand, THOUSANDS of your most valuable potential customers invest into someone’s Etsy shop with the hopes of having their most urgent problems solved.

QUESTION IS:...are they investing into yours?


We all have passions. Things we could do, talk about, or learn about for hours and be completely content.

But how do we know when a passion is more than a passion and worth turning into a business? Can you have multiple passions and multiple businesses? Where is the line drawn?

These are questions I asked myself when I started my entrepreneurial journey a few years ago. I was so unhappy with my 9-5 job, I was stunted creatively, and I knew there was way more to life than what I was doing.

It all started with a "creative passion" and a dream.

If I can build a thriving business out of nothing, so can you!

But, there was a million and one things holding me back from pursuing something that was larger than myself.

- what if it doesn't work out?
- what if I invest a ton of money into it and it flops?
- what if I get into this and find out I don't actually like it?
- what if I'm judged?

Can you relate?

One thing that helped me finally take the leap of faith was the realization that...

Dreamers dream, entrepreneurs do.

Now it’s time for you to choose that one undeniable passion of yours and turn it into a business!

If you don’t do it, someone else will, and that’s one of the harshest truths of it. But no one will ever do it exactly like you do, so just do it.

If you're ready to finally start your Etsy shop, believe in yourself and start it! Embrace your passions and your ideas!

How to manage your 1st order!

How to create an irresistible product & setting up your shop from start to finish

Figuring out what to sell (+ the most profitable ideas on the market)

Figuring out why you want to become a seller

This is exactly what we will be focusing on for you to get from being a Dreamer to a Start-Up in as little as a weekend:

maybe you didn't know...

Change is Possible

guess what?


Seller who, despite the temporary setbacks, are motivated-as-heck to finally achieve the momentum and growth they know they need…

Seller who, despite working their tails off, have failed to gain traction in their Etsy business.

Seller tired of wasting precious time and energy, getting overwhelmed with all the different strategies, tech, and advice that leaves you more confused than when you started

Seller who is just getting started and doesn't have a shop opened yet (or have just launched!)


Our whole goal with Dreamers is to help you take that first step (which you can argue is the hardest) and go from idea to a tangible Start-Up business! In Launch Your Shop in a Weekend, we'll give you all of the actionable steps and information that you actually need to know!

an intimate online implementation program for sellers like

Launch Your Shop in a Weekend


We'll walk you through how to set up your Etsy Shop from start to finish! Don't miss the smallest of details and risk having an incomplete shop. We'll also go through specific tips to help you stand out from your competitors!

Set Up Shop

Let's take those big ideas and bring them to life! Get the best tips, tricks, and strategies to designing and developing your product line with the most economic & time sensitive methods possible.

Product Creation

One of the hardest parts in the beginning of your online entrepreneurship journey is figuring out what to sell! We'll guide you through a specific process of getting all of those ideas out and picking the most profitable product line that you're passionate about!

Figure Out What to Sell

what you'll learn

taking it a step further

A Peek Inside

Dot all of the I's and cross all of the T's with our finishing touches. We'll go over branding, shop anatomy, shop policies, and so much more!

Putting On the Finishing Touches

The only thing left? Launch & watch the "Cha-chings!" come in! We know it can be a little overwhelming to get started, so we'll walk you through how to handle your first sale and how to keep them coming!

Start Selling!


In 2018, I launched an Etsy Shop selling printable business planners. Years later, not only am I the top seller of planners on Etsy, but I've also helped countless businesses design and launch their own shop! 

I believe in designing planners and workbooks that tackle everyday pain points, stand out in an overcrowded industry, and push the limits with innovative features. 

Without question, I put creativity, passion & experience first!

Let’s Get to know each other

hi loves!

I’m Kayla Warner

Get to know me

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So basically it’s ready to start when you are (and trust me when I say, no matter what your situation is, there is never a better time than right now!)

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You have as long as you need. By investing in this program right now you get lifetime access to all the program materials, and our awesome support group as well!

Or if you need a bit of extra time, or you have an event or holiday coming up, it’s all fine, we will be here for you when you’re ready to go!

No. 3

No. You’re here because you’re sick and tired of spinning your wheels – getting little or no results. If you have the option of an easy way out with a money back guarantee, you’re not fully committing to following your passions and starting a creative business.. We only want people who are 100% committed to staying the course to achieve their goals. And believe me, you won’t want your money back.

No. 4

Well, my're in luck! We've included an entire lesson of Finding the Perfect Product to Sell on Etsy as apart of our program, because we know there are creatives out there who aren't quite sure what they want to sell just yet. Trust me, you'll know exactly what to sell and how to sell once you're finished!

No. 5

If you've dreamed of starting your own Etsy shop & the idea of finally making a living doing something you love excites you...then you're in the right place! If you have any questions or want to know a little more about the course before you invest, feel free to email me at

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