...by simply focusing on the right Etsy biz elements, so you can convert browsers into buyers, tell your creative story in a meaningful way, AND get paid doing it.

Building an Etsy Shop

the exact blueprint to



You (finally)

the big ask

Here's a Million Dollar Question to Ask Yourself...

Every single day, with a credit card in hand, THOUSANDS of your most valuable potential customers invest into someone’s Etsy shop with the hopes of having their most urgent problems solved.

QUESTION IS:...are they investing into yours?


Let me guess, when you decided to launch your own Etsy shop, you did it because you thought it would be the answer to all of your “creative passion” dreams…

But it’s not! It’s far from it!

Because that whole “running an Etsy shop” thing, well it’s HARD and really stressful, and worst of all it doesn’t always go as well as you hoped.

And this is where a lot of people get stuck…

It all started with a "creative passion" and a dream.

If I can build a thriving business out of nothing, so can you!

Rather than the smooth sailing creative “Boss Lady” lifestyle you’ve envisioned for yourself, you’re constantly going through trial and error in hopes that you’ll find SOMETHING that works for you. That big Ah-ha! moment.

And every month you STILL have to stress about how to pay your bills or get more customers.

You have less time + less energy to do anything about it AND you’re slowly inching towards giving it all up.

And that is NOT what you signed up for, right?

Well, it sounds like you are ready to finally change all of that, now!

Finally reach the BIG Milestone of 1,000 Etsy Sales in less than 6 months

Have the solid foundation to start profiting from all those exciting and powerful strategies you keep hearing about (Etsy SEO, Promotions, Funnels, Optimization, etc.)

Successfully launch your Etsy shop and generate scalable, leveraged income

Quickly validate your creative ideas BEFORE spending countless hours creating them

By building your Etsy shop using the simple 12-week framework that I’m about to share with you, you’ll also have the power to:

maybe you didn't know...

Change is Possible

guess what?

One that leverages proven Etsy shop building strategies while dodging all those sharp shiny objects that distract your overall vision and slows down your momentum

One that’s been my secret weapon for hitting over 1,000 sales in less than 6 months (TWICE!) without complicated marketing or tech strategies

And…one that you’ll excitedly point back to 6 months from now when you hit “Refresh” on your computer, and have over 1,000 sales staring back at you. And if you’re still with me, then I couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to my step-by-step shop building system…

…but they DO depend on taking a step-by-step approach

          These outcomes are totally within reach for you and your Etsy business (whether you’re starting from scratch or hitting reset for the 10th time)…




The easy-to-follow, Sell Your Way to 1K program that gives you a crystal clear, *can’t fail* roadmap for predictably growing, scaling, and cashing in on your Etsy shop!

Seller who, despite the temporary setbacks, are motivated-as-heck to finally achieve the momentum and growth they know they need…

Seller who, despite working their tails off, have failed to gain traction in their Etsy business.

Seller tired of wasting precious time and energy, getting overwhelmed with all the different strategies, tech, and advice that leaves you more confused than when you started

Seller who is just getting started and doesn't have a shop opened yet (or have just launched!)


Designed to show you the exact steps, and give you plug-and-play templates you need to make launching and building your own proven + profitable Etsy shop & hit that first big 1K milestone as easy and fast as humanly possible…no matter what your niche or how tech-phobic you are!

an intimate online implementation program for sellers like

Sell Your Way to 1K


The Lessons

view the lessons

Under just 12 short weeks, you’ll learn how to take the Etsy shop & products you already have and turn it into regular, reliable sales! This is not your traditional course where I teach you what strategies to use…rather, this is a hands-on, “first do this, then do that”, how-to program that walks you step-by-step on how to make 1,000+ Etsy sales in under 6 months.

the real secret to reliable etsy sales

12-Week System

what you'll learn

next lesson

One thing that we have to dive into pretty early on is analyzing the behavior of your current shop visitors in order to identify needed improvements to take your shop to the next level

What You'll Learn:

- What a Conversion Funnel is & how it helps you understand the way visitors browse your shop
- How to optimize each stage of the Conversion Funnel to increase your chances of turning a browser into a buyer
- How to align your business success metrics with the steps of the Conversion Funnel
- Micro & Macro Conversion

Conversion Rate Optimization

week one

What You Do:

- Calculate Your Conversion Rates
- Analyze Your Listing Statistics
- Set Up & Use Google Analytics

The Results:

Structuring your shop to have less traffic but still achieve a high volume of sales + being able to make better-informed decisions about how you can improve your shop.

next lesson

Now that you know your baseline data & statistics, we'll move on to conducting data-driven optimization techniques to improve your Etsy shop...starting with your Etsy Shop Home Page, which is the heart of your business.

What You'll Learn:

- The best techniques to optimize your Shop's Home Page
- What should be included in your Shop's Home Page to increase the odds of your customer moving through your Conversion Funnel

Home Page

week two

What You Do:

- Analyze where people click in your shop using our favorite user analyitic tool
- My 5 Step Etsy Shop Home Page Optimization technique
- BONUS: Etsy Banner Canva Template

The Results:

Strengthens your Brand Discovery stage, meaning those who find you will feel more connected to your brand & start to build a trusting relationship with your business.

next lesson

The very first page a customer usually sees is through your Individual items through a Keyword Search. Almost always, they do not see your Shop’s Home Page first. As an Etsy shop owner, you need to think like an Etsy customer and experience how the customers uses your shop, instead of experiencing the shop as an Owner.

What You'll Learn:

- The best techniques to optimize your Product Listings
- What should be included in Product Listings to increase the odds of your customer moving through the Conversion Funnel
- My go-to Product Description
- How to Implement a Buyer's Flow

Product Listing

week three

What You Do:

- Product Listing Audit
- Implement my super simple product listing set-up (which acts like a sales funnel all the way to the checkout page!)
- BONUS: Essential Etsy Product Photo Templates

The Results:

Being the most influential part of your Conversion Funnel, implementing my proven tecniques in your product listings will increase your chances of making more sales!

next lesson

What good is all of this strategy if it’s not actually leading you towards more sales and growing your biz? It’s time to talk about getting people to visit your shop and how to actually convert your browsers into true (i.e. paying) customers.

What You'll Learn:

- The best techniques to optimize your Etsy SEO
- I'll share with you my personal SEO schedule so you can know exactly the right time to analyze, monitor, and adjust your keywords & terms for maximum results.

Etsy Search Engine

week four

What You Do:

- Etsy SEO Audit
- Watch as I walk through my entire SEO routine (from start to finish)
- Give your Etsy Shop a boost with Promoted Listings
- Deep Dive Trainings: Etsy SEO Research & Analysis Walkthrough

The Results:

Never rely solely on Marketing Campaigns by having a steady & consistent flow of "ready-to-purchase" traffic coming straight to your shop every month from SEO.

next lesson

Quit scratching your head over the thought of “What’s next?”…I’ll walk you through the best strategies you can implement as an Etsy seller for a successful shop.

What You'll Learn:

- Top strategies that only the best sellers know about
- I'll share with you a straight-forward Etsy strategic calendar that I follow with all of the necessary tecniques & steps for the year

Etsy Strategy

week five

The Results:

Have the confidence & knowledge behind what it takes to be a successful Etsy Seller!

next lesson

In this marketing phase of the program, I'll walk you through how to tap into Pinterest Marketing & create showstopping pins (specifically for Etsy sellers!)

What You'll Learn:

- Pinterest Basics and account requirements
- Get the inside scoop on why Pinterest is the GOLDMINE for Etsy traffic and how you can tap into it!
- How to create pins for Etsy sellers and have your market clicking over to your shop before they can even think about it
- Top Pinterest Hashtags (so your pins can get found)

Pinterest Marketing for Shops

week six

What You Do:

- Set up an optimized Pinterest account
- Design 20-50 different Pins for your Etsy shop (that actually get clicked!)
- Deep Dive Trainings: Designing Pins for Sellers in Canva
- BONUS: Pins for Etsy Sellers Canva Template

The Results:

A set of optimized & attractive pins for your Etsy products that we will go on to pin using different strategies for the best results.

next lesson

I will equip you with my exact Pinterest marketing process (a.k.a the traffic GOLDMINE) so that you never have to solely rely on SEO ever again. 

What You'll Learn:

- Two different strategies & approaches to Pinning that will send thousands of people to your shop (you get to choose your favorite!)
- My done-for-you Pinterest schedule - I'll tell you what to pin, how often to pin, and for how long for maximized results
- Learn how I plan weeks worth of content in under an hour so that every day you can focus on expanding rather than marketing

Pinning Strategy
for Shops

week seven

What You Do:

- Develop a consistent Pinning marketing campaign
- Publish over 100 pins...all leading back to your Etsy shop
- Give your pins a boost with my secret trick
- Deep Dive Trainings: Pinning Strategy for TRIPLE Exposure

The Results:

A personalized Pinterest Marketing Campaign that expands your reach outside of Etsy and sends new customers to your Etsy shop.

next lesson

Let's start the process of building a community on Social Media (rather than sell, sell, sell). I'll walk you through creating content that supports, story-tells, and ultimately converts your audience.

What You'll Learn:

- My go-to tips to write engaging captions
- Understand where Instagram plays a role in your overall marketing strategy so that you can remove the pressure to have *the perfect thing* to say all the time
- Learn the perfect mix of storytelling and pitching so that you can stop cringing when you share what you do!

Instagram Marketing for Shops

week eight

What You Do:

- Instagram Account Audit
- Grow your audience, increase engagement, and attract paying customers who are excited to buy from you
- Know exactly what to post so you can show up consistently
- Create a community that looks forward to hearing from you and engages with your posts
- BONUS: Instagram Content Templates & Prompts
- BONUS: Instagram Content Calendar & Engagement Strategy

next lesson

So, we have your Pinterest & Instagram accounts set-up and ready to grow long-term...but what about seeing results NOW?! Follow along with these simple, yet effective, marketing strategies that you can do to see results almost instantly!

What You'll Learn:

- You'll learn about 3 of my top "instant gratification" marketing techniques that give your social media accounts & sales a boost overnight
- A step-by-step tutorial of my top 3 marketing techniques.

Other Marketing Techniques

weeks nine & ten

What You Do:

- One (or all) of the "instant gratification" marketing techniques to give your stats a boost

The Results:

Instead of waiting for your social media accounts to start converting, you'll see almost immeditate results in followers & Etsy traffic without doing a ton of work!

next lesson

It's not enough just to get traffic onto your shop and making a sale...building a scalable, professional, and high-quality online business is the next step to building your Etsy Empire!

What You'll Learn:

- The mulitple ways you can grow your Etsy shop using many of your existing tools & resources...but has a HUGE return 
- The importance of Market Research & why I suggest you do it long-term

Etsy Market

week eleven

What You Do:

- Understand who your customers are
- Gather inspiration for your next big idea
- Send out customer surveys & analyze the feedback you get so you can take your shop to the right direction
- Develop an action plan

The Results:

After conducting market research you'll draft up an action plan for your next phase in your Etsy shop that is backed by data straight from your customers!

i'm ready to start!

It's not enough just to get traffic onto your shop and making a sale...building a scalable, professional, and high-quality online business is the next step to building your Etsy Empire!

What You'll Learn:

- Tips & Tools for serving your customers (and why this goes a LONG way when it comes to the longevity of your shop)
- Advice on how to deal with your not so ideal customers & my guide to reversing a bad review
- The most valueable task management skills, tools, and resources so you can get 3x as much stuff done in one day...without breaking a sweat.

Continue to

week twelve

What You Do:

- Develop a consist Customer Service manual to base in your business model
- Write scripts for those sticky situations so you're not flustered when the time comes
- Create a shop management plan to help with your productivity 

The Results:

A set of instructions that helps you manage and run your shop effectively long-term. In turn, you'll have more confidence when running your shop and you won't break a sweat when things go unplanned. 

There's a lot more to designing pins than you think! We'll walk you through the design process of creating a pin that converts directly on Canva.

Designing Pins for Sellers in Canva

We'll take you along with us as we analyze, research, and plug in our SEO strategies...from start to finish!

Etsy SEO Research & Analysis Walkthrough

Take a deep dive into Canva, how to use it, and how to build a brand that converts.

Etsy Branding Session in Canva

going deeper

taking it a step further

Deep Dive Trainings

Wondering how often to pin and how? Included in this Deep Dive is a walkthrough of my regularly scheduled technique of pinning that gains a ton of exposure!

Pinning Strategy for TRIPLED Exposure


In 2018, I launched an Etsy Shop selling printable business planners. Years later, not only am I the top seller of planners on Etsy, but I've also helped countless businesses design and launch their own shop! 

I believe in designing planners and workbooks that tackle everyday pain points, stand out in an overcrowded industry, and push the limits with innovative features. 

Without question, I put creativity, passion & experience first!

Let’s Get to know each other

hi loves!

I’m Kayla Warner

Get to know me

For many Etsy Sellers, I know that hitting 1K in sales is both a major hurdle and also a huge milestone in their business. 1K means the bills are paid, the seller is paid, and they can finally stop stressing and start focusing on other important and more enjoyable parts of their Etsy business.

So that’s why we start there…but that’s NOT where we finish!

This simple 12-week system you will follow in Sell Your Way to 1K program is designed to easily help you sell your first 1K quickly…

And THEN we show you how to AMPLIFY your authority, traffic, and funnel to well beyond that!

But, 1K is our first goal for you…and it’s a super obtainable number to get you pumped and ready to hustle!

Okay, but...why only


sounds great!

so how much does it cost?

When you enroll TODAY, here's what you'll be cracking open in just minutes...

Core Curriculum Trainings from Transform Your Shop & Market Your Shop (value: $1,100)

6 Specific Deep Dives (value: $462)

BONUS: Launch Your Shop in a Weekend (value: $97)

BONUS: Etsy Banner Canva Templates (value: $25)

BONUS: Essential Etsy Product Photo Templates (value: $35)

BONUS: Pinterest Pins for Etsy Sellers (value: $28)

BONUS: Instagram Content & Social Media Prompts (value: $45)

whip out that calculator...that's a total of $1,792

But shrug off that sticker shock, because I’m not charging anywhere near that! I want this course to be accessible to everyone who is pursuing something big, no matter what stage of Etsy entrepreneurship you’re in, from beginners with a dream to the experienced seller. If you’re ready to not only grow your shop, but grow your profit, you’re in the right place!

Because I’m passionate about helping you crack the code and take the mystery out of your shop, you can grab membership inside SELL YOUR WAY TO 1K for just…

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As soon as your payment is received, you will receive an email with access to the Sell Your Way to 1K program where the first Lesson, some pre-work, and a little “Hello” from me will be waiting for you…and also access to our Facebook group.

Classes will begin with Lesson 1 one week from your enrollment date!

So basically it’s ready to start when you are (and trust me when I say, no matter what your situation is, there is never a better time than right now!)

No. 2

You have as long as you need. By investing in this program right now you get lifetime access to all the program materials, and our awesome support group as well!

Or if you need a bit of extra time, or you have an event or holiday coming up, it’s all fine, we will be here for you when you’re ready to go!

No. 3

It really all depends on you and the work you’re willing to put in, but our program is set up for you to do the bulk of the work in the first 12 weeks.

After that, you should start seeing some results, and you can get your first 1K sales in less than 6 months (or sooner!)

No. 4

No. You’re here because you’re sick and tired of spinning your wheels – getting little or no results. If you have the option of an easy way out with a money back guarantee, you’re not fully committing to going after different results in your business. We only want people who are 100% committed to staying the course to achieve their quarterly goals. And believe me, you won’t want your money back.

No. 5

Well, my friend…you’re in luck!

As a super special bonus, we’ve included an EXCLUSIVE BONUS “Launch My Shop in a Weekend”, which is an in depth training that walks you through launching your shop quickly.

Then, you can take off and learn how to scale your brand new Etsy shop right away!

No. 6

I get it…everyone’s selling something out there…& you want to make sure you’re making a good investment.

What makes Sell Your Way to 1K different from all of those other online courses is this isn’t a traditional course where I preach to you about what strategies to use & why they’re important.

I take it a few steps further and show you how to do it in a structured plan.

Sell Your Way to 1K is a hands-on, “first do this, then do that”, step-by-step program that gives you tasks in order of relevancy on how to make 1,000 Etsy sales in under 6 months.

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