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A done-for-you solution to launching a planner shop online without the stress of figuring it out on your own can start here! We've collected every single tool, template, and script you'll possibly need (even including the very products you'll be selling!), and bundled them together in a done-for-you kind of way. We know what it takes to build a planner shop from the ground up, so we've taken all of that knowledge and packaged it up in a simple to use and editable system to get you launched in no time! Check out our system below:

Have you been dreaming about starting a planner shop...but don't know where to start?

shop brand

Designing a cohesive & inviting brand that your customers instantly recognize


A variety of niche products that provides tons of value, while staying modern & easy to use

product listings

Showcase your products by highlighting their best features. Explain why they have to have it


Broadcast your products globally and drive tons of traffic to your shop to increase your sales




what's included

shop branding

01. Branding kit

These branding templates  work amazing with absolutely ANY downloadable product that you sell - planners, workbooks, checklists, ebooks, guides...absolutely ANYTHING! Simply drag & drop your product photos into place!

This tool gives you the ability to create your shop branding in half the time, while also putting your own personal touch to it so your audience values it even more! It's best used for saving time & energy + developing a consistent brand.

02. logo kit

This tool gives you the ability to save both time and energy by creating a set of professionally designed logos, completely custom to you and your brand, without breaking the bank!

With lifetime access to your templates, you can easily refresh your logo over time, change any element of your logo at any time, and switch things up as you see fit.



Customize every detail as much or as little as you would like - and launch content in the matter of hours! Simply chose a design aligned with your niche and implement into your shop. You can choose from the following niches:

- Business
- Finance
- Fitness
- Health & Wellness

To limit the need for additional designing, we've already incorporated the content, structure, and value in the planner. All you have to do is add your logo, brand colors, and images!

04. General white label Workbook

Creating a workbook from scratch takes TONS OF TIME, so let me do all of the work for you!

This tool gives you the ability to create a workbook in half the time, while also putting your own personal touch to it so your audience values it even more!

I thought of almost everything you could ever need and want as a worksheet for your online business and included them inside of this Business Worksheets Bundle. Easily mix & match your desired pages for all of your future projects.

product listings

05. listing photos

We've designed these listing templates so you can effectively show off your you can spend more time on the things you love to do!

The best part? There's absolutely no code required in order to get an awe-worthy listing image that will WOW your customers! Easily edit and customize each template section in Canva! Just add your own business copy, images, and & upload. Done!

06. product description script

I’ve seen some descriptions that provide why too little information, which cause your potential customers to have questions. Most people won’t take the time to reach out to your via Messages to clarify, meaning you’ve just lost out on a sale!

We've drafted a done-for-you description that is informative, easy to read, and gets results! Type directly into the Google Doc from any device, an unlimited amount of times, and then simply copy & paste into your listings. It's as easy as that!

07. planner keywords

One of the main ways seach engine optimization operates is through keywords! If you line your content, titles, and tags with relevant keywords, your listing will most likely show up within a search that is looking for those same keywords.

We've included over 50 tested, search-optimized keywords grouped and curated for all things planner related! Simply choose the keywords you like and place them into your Etsy shop, website, and Pinterest tags. 


08. planner pinterest templates

These pinterest templates work amazing with absolutely ANY downloadable product that you sell - planners, workbooks, checklists, ebooks, guides...absolutely ANYTHING! Simply drag & drop your product photos into place!

This tool gives you the ability to create pins in half the time, while also putting your own personal touch to it so your audience values it even more! It's best used for saving time & energy, developing a consistent brand, and strengthening your Pinterest Marketing Strategy.

09. ecommerce social media bundle

This 100% editable eCommerce Social Media Template set comes with:

• 74 versatile and ready-to-use social media templates
- 25 Instagram Post Templates
- 20 Instagram Stories Templates
- 15 Pinterest Templates
- 14 Facebook Templates

exclusive membership access

10. access to baps portal

Get instant access to your very own BAPS Portal, where you'll:
  •  Find all of the links to your bundle
  • Enjoy various  exclusive resources that you won't be able to find anywhere else on our site
  • Gain lifetime access to future updates!

Coming soon: we also plan to publish private blog posts & video workshops to this community where we'll show the in's and out's of what it actually takes to have a successful online shop.


a done-for-you planner shop in minutes!

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Within minutes, you'll get an email with a file with links to every single template (+ a few extra goodies) listed above

Block out an hour or two to effortlessly customize each template to match your brand. All you'll have to do is add your colors, your logo, and your images! 

Put it all together and set up your shop & products. Then, using the marketing tools, market your shop to get more traffic

best value!

Instant access to: Branding Kit, Logo Bundle, White Label Planner (select your niche below), General White Label Workbook, Listing Photo Templates, Product Description Script, Planner Keywords, Planner Pinterest Templates & e-Commerce Social Media Templates

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I’m here to help with starting a planner shop online with as less stress and hassle as possible. Being in the planner industry for over 4 years now, I wish I had a tool like this to help jump start my career as a beginner. Start your planner shop today by selecting your bundle below!

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Get your audience pumped up by integrating a motivating and informative fitness tool into your business model!

Build a Fitness Planner Shop

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In the Finance industry? Utilize finance planners to help your audience organize their personal finances...all in one place!

Build a Finance Planner Shop

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Do you teach others how to manage & organize their small businesses? Monetize your business model by launching a business planner shop!

Build a Business Planner Shop

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Help your audience build routines and focus on their health with this informative tool that they can use daily.

Build a Wellness Planner Shop

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White label products are pre-designed items that small businesses can purchase to present as their own. There is no branding attached to these items, so you can easily add your own.

what is white label?

Nope! You can utilize each template, script, and tool on any platform you want to utilize to launch your planner business - Etsy, Shopify, WordPress, etc.

Is this bundle only good for starting an etsy shop?

Canva is an online-based design program that allows you to completely customize templates of all sizes and needs. We use Canva because of the easy learning curve and accessibility! 

What is canva?

Absolutely! Sometimes the hardest part is just starting, so we've made it easy for you to get your shop up and running. You can always go back and switch things up later!

Will this really help me start a planner shop?

Yes! Every single detail - text, fonts, colors, images, graphics - can be completely customized and changed. You can also duplicate, delete, or rearrange all pages.

can any detail be changed?

We have incorporated the Extended License into the price, which allows you to use your white label planners in any way you want, including reselling for profit!

I can really resell my white label?