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Professional 60-Minute Strategy Call


Are you experiencing any of these e-commerce related problems in your printable business?

I’m here to help with this laser-focused 60-minute strategy call! Share your screen; show me around your product; pick my brain about your problems. You’ll walk away with a list of actionable takeaways to apply immediately in your business.

You feel like your printable product line up has no cohesiveness, which makes your shop look cluttered. This results in you drifting further and further away from your original vision

You've spent some time building up your business, but you're not sure what the next steps are

Customers keep complaining about disfunctional or valueless design

You want to make sure you're heading in the right direction before you spend hours designing printables for your audience

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Evaluate your site/shop in advance as a customer, and jot down any key takeaways 

Host a private, one-on-one conference call to discuss what needs to be done on your site/shop to help achieve your goals and maximize your success

Provide a recording of your call so that you can play the advice back and review your results at any time

One week follow-up via email to check on your progress and answer any lingering questions

As a printable design consultant, I’ve been helping printable Etsy shops and online businesses for over 3 years. Recently I developed The Enriched Prints method by collecting and systematizing common problems in the printable industry.

This strategy call is your unique chance to hire me directly to audit your printable business. Here’s what I’ll do:

Your business needs a fresh professional eye

A 60-minute strategy call costs $299 USD. Click on the button below to find a time that works for you below, answer a couple of background questions, and the details will be emailed to you including a 24-hr reminder.

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