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We love being generous with our Etsy knowledge so we created these helpful resources & worksheets just for you.

We all know that the hardest part is starting. We've broken down all of the fundamental steps to brainstorming, implementing, and launching your Etsy shop in one workbook!

Etsy Quick-Start Guide

just start

We've all been left with the daunting question of, "What's Next?". In this Action Plan, we walk you through the steps you need to take your shop full-time!

Etsy Shop Action Guide

adjust, adjust, adjust

Feeling stuck? Feel like your shop is amazing but you're just lacking traffic? Commit yourself to this 30-Day Marketing Challenge. We'll give you a list of tasks to complete each day!

30-Day Etsy Marketing Plan

work your way to the top

Learn step-by-step how I launched a 6-figure revenue channel without shipping a single product with this 73-Page e-Book.

How to Sell Digital Products Online

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