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Professional Printable Design Audit


In this printable audit, I’ll take a fresh professional look at your product, determine critical design flaws, and put together an actionable plan for improving your printable. You’ll get a fancy (and incredibly useful) PDF report with a detailed page-by-page teardown of your product.

for designing printables that sell

Excellent design is a competitive advantage in the printable industry. Bad, thoughtless design is a bottleneck in your business. But where exactly is the problem? How do you find it? There’s not enough time in your day to read all the articles you need to get up to speed.

Here’s a helpful hint from one entrepreneur to another. Your own opinion is biased: you can’t fairly judge your own product...

Are you experiencing any of these design-related problems in your printable business?

Users can’t grasp the basic functionality of your printable and keep submitting the same support issues/questions, such as, "How do I use this page?" or "This doesn't help me solve my problem(s)."

You hate wasting your time designing printables that no one downloads or purchases

Customers keep complaining about disfunctional or valueless design

You find yourself staring at a blank computer screen when it comes to designing a new product. Where do you even begin?

“Kayla was perfect in her outlook towards my vision and product, and she was able to point out critical flaws in my designs that actually made a huge difference in the end. Her report has helped me to effectively strategize my approach to the user experience in my products. The audit was a super-useful investment!”
-Avery, Course Creator

Define your product strategy and make sure your printable aligns with it and reinforces key customer tasks

Identify critical usability flaws in your printable designs

Look for small wins that can instantly improve user experience

Provide guidance for visual style, color and typography

Provide a PDF report with a detailed page-by-page teardown of your product

Put together an actionable plan for improving your printable

As a printable design consultant, I’ve been helping printable Etsy shops and online businesses for over 3 years. Recently I developed The Enriched Prints method by collecting and systematizing common design problems in the printable industry.

This “Done for You” version is your unique chance to hire me directly to audit your printable product. Here’s what I’ll do:

Your product needs a fresh professional eye

If you order right now, you’ll get your audit report within 2 weeks of our initial consultation. That’s way faster and more effective than waiting for a high-touch
consulting opportunity.

The previous audits have collected amazing feedback. That’s why I provide a full 100% money-back guarantee on this offering. If you’re not happy with the audit results — I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

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An actionable audit report for improving one (1) printable (15-20 pages)

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An actionable audit report for improving one (1) printable (15-20 pages)

Includes actual design work (redesign
of a few key pages)

This is what most clients request after conducting their audits. Not sure about this yet? You’re welcome to upgrade any time.

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You will receive a comprehensive, actionable teardown of your printable, presented as a PDF report. First, I thoroughly inspect your printable and record my key takeaways. Then, I run an audit following my own method: we define your product strategy and run a usability checklist for the pages in your printable.

I also make an epic number of comments along the way. These comments may include, but are not limited to:

- thoughts on your product/market fit
- recommendations for keeping your printable simple and focused
- optimization ideas to better facilitate user’s key tasks
- onboarding suggestions
- recommendations on visual style, typography & color
- general usability considerations
- small easy-to-fix notes
- professional opinions
- other relevant thoughts how to make your printable business shine

No. The packages above are for an audit of one (1) printable each. This gives us the ability to take our time and provide a thorough analysis of one printable at a time. If you would like multiple printables audited, please reach out to us for a quote.

No, This audit is for printables (planners, workbooks, guide, checklists, etc.) only. I could certainly audit anything you like — but this is a focused consulting offering that uses a specific method, targeted at printables. If you have any questions on whether or not your product qualifies, please email us at

Here’s what you do (not too much):

1. Tell me about your business and walk me through your printable at the initial consultation. Please come prepared with “a founder mindset”
2. Stay in touch during the process, in case any questions arise
3. Review the audit results and ask clarifying questions. I’ll be happy to answer them and update the final version of the report.

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