Finally gain the confidence to create digital items that sell quickly and with little to no effort. By focusing on your target market, studying your competition, boosting your sale potential with add-ons, and designing a quality product, your digital item will effortlessly fly off the shelves in no time.


Our top 3 dumb easy steps to optimizing your planner Etsy shop so you can effortlessly convert all of your incoming traffic into paying customers. If you’ve set up your Etsy shop and want to see your revenue go up, this is the blog post for you!


Sharing a bit more about me and my crazy journey from Dreamer to $100K annual sales as a printable planner Etsy seller. Learn more about my mindset and my secret sauce to building a sustainable Etsy shop.


Effortlessly determine your Etsy business idea, your Etsy target market, and how to successfully launch a printable Etsy shop.


In 2018, I launched an Etsy Shop selling printable business planners. Years later, not only am I the top seller of planners on Etsy, but I've also helped countless businesses design and launch their own shops! 

I believe in designing planners and workbooks that tackle everyday pain points, stand out in an overcrowded industry, and push the limits with innovative features. 

Without question, I put creativity, passion & experience first!

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