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5 Ways to Use White Label Planners to Scale Your Business

How to Use Your White Label Planners

The amazing thing about white label planners is the versatility! Investing into one (or many) opens up the doors to tons of different opportunities that scale your business without pouring a lot of time into meticulously designing content from scratch.

Take a look at the top 5 streamlined ways you can utilize your white label planner:

Email Opt-In

We all know the importance of having an enticing opt-in to move your readers along through your sales funnel. But, considering that it’s free content, you may not want to spend a lot of your time in design-mode.

A white label planner is a great option to quickly offer a freebie inside of a blog post or on your resource page, which helps to grow your email list.

Planners and workbooks are some of the most popular and effective methods of email opt-ins. Audience members love them and they can pack a lot of digestible value into a short amount of pages.

Use It As a Tripwire

The moments between your target audience signing up for a n opt-in and the freebie showing up in their inbox is a crucial part of your sales funnel.

Not to go into a snoozefest of details, but they’ve already given you a sliver of their trust. Now’s the perfect time to say, “Hey, you just signed up to get this free content…here’s something that has even more value for a low price”.

With this extra step in place, you have the potential to earn pretty good revenue passively, without any additional work. Consider utilizing your white label planner for your tripwire offer to seal off any leaks in your sales funnel.

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Host a Giveaway to Grow Your Email List

One of my favorite marketing strategies is hosting giveaways. The word “Free”, is a powerful tool to use when trying to increase your brand recognition or your number of followers.

Set up your giveaway event on Instagram, Facebook, or via your Email List, offer a free planner/workbook as the prize, and watch the submissions roll in.

By utilizing your white label planner as the giveaway prize, you’ll have the energy to focus on your event instead of working on designing something from scratch.

Bundle with Other Paid Offers

Do you already have a paid offer in place, such as a service, coaching, or an online course? Add value to your offerings by including a planner or workbook as an additional bonus.

You’ll be surprised at how many people base their purchasing decision solely off of “extras” or “add-ons” that enhance the product. It’s also a great way to tie your existing service or content together in an actionable format.

White label planners are a great way to add bonuses to your already existing offers to sweeten the deal and help you stand out for your competitors.

Start an Online Shop

If you’re interested in creating passive income, starting an online shop selling digital products is the way to go. You set it up once, and the rest is history!

Using white label planners to build the foundation of your online shop is the best strategy you could implement. This allows you to put less time and energy into product creation up front, and then gives you the opportunity to analyze your sales data to determine what your audience likes and dislikes about the products you offer.

You can use each page of your white label planner separately to sell, which will increase the amount of items in your shop without all the extra work. Then, you can market the full planner as a bundle so your audience can save big!

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Of all people, I know first hand about those never-ending tasks that pile up on your to-do list. The most logical solution to keeping your business fresh and functional (without the expense of your mental health) is to develop streamlined processes that take certain tasks off your hands.

White label planners is that solution when it comes to developing a piece of content that you can share or sell to your audience.

If any of these methods peaks your interest and you’d like to implement them into your business model, consider utilizing white label planners to take some of the pressure off and launch content within minutes!


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